Aramid Angel Hair-włókna aramidowe do zastosowań akustycznych.

Rewolucyjny materiał do stosowania w obudowach głośnikowych, ustrojach akustycznych, pułapkach oraz wszelkich instalacjach, gdzie wymagana jest korekcja dźwięku.

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About Us

EKOTEX company was established in 2001 on the grounds of the company owner’s – Marek Radwański – many years experience in flax planting and processing of flax fibre. Since the very beginning the company’s credo was the idea of environmentally friendly production, no waste production in which all supplied raw materials are fully used.

We are certified to ISO 9001:2008 (click to view)


Since the moment of establishing our company our motto has always been:



In production process, we use reliable machinery as well as our own innovative technology solutions. We manufacture a lot of types of flax and hemp fiber: “KOTONINA” (cottonized flax fibre), carded slivers, and also fibres cut in the range starting from 1 mm. We manage to utilize a lot of previously “unusable” types of fibres and also waste from manufacture process. We produce environmentally friendly briquettes from shives and flax dust.

High quality of our products and reliable service, have established our position on the European market of fibres used in automotive and furniture industry. Manufacturers of blended yarn are also our customers.

We are also involved in recycling of production waste from automotive and textile industry and from cars disassembly stations.


The R&D Department is of great importance in our company and its main focus is on finding new applications for flax and hemp fibers. We cooperate with numerous research institutes both in Poland and abroad.

During the EC 6-th Research Framework Programme we participated in ”BIOCOMP” (www.biocomp.eu.com), and in the 7-th FP are taking part in ”NATEX” project (www.natex.eu).


Apart from manufacturing we actively participate in organizing economy in our region and in Polish flax trade. In 2002 we were among the organizers of Polish Chamber of Flax and Hemp (www.pilik.pl) and Ekotex owner – Marek Radwański has been its President since the moment of the Chamber foundation. His professional experience and involvement in social activities resulted in his appointment as a Board Member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce - KIG (www.kig.pl) and the European Flax and Hemp Confederation in Paris – CELC (www.mastersoflinen.com).


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